LiMPETS Field Trip

This Wednesday, my classmates and I went on a super fun trip to the Pillar Point Marine Reserve in Half Moon Bay! LiMPETS, which stands for Long-term Monitoring Program and Experiential Training for Students, is a program that studies and collects data on California’s coastal ecosystems. On this field trip, we learned all about algae and invertebrates, and were able to not only see them but touch them as well! Admitably, I squealed a few times when touching these organisms, as you will see in the video. We learned how to collect data, how to identify organisms and we learned about the horrible sea star sickness that caused the area to go from having 45 sea stars 10 years ago to having zero less than 5 years ago, luckily we found 10 on this trip.  Watch the video below and leave feedback! Here is the LiMPETS website!




4 thoughts on “LiMPETS Field Trip

  1. It’s great that school supports these types of trips to allow the students to get real life experience to see and touch these organisms.

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  2. Wonderful video – fun and informative. Love seeing Half Moon Bay’s coastline through the lens of the students. It’s important to realize that the world we call home is also the ecosystems of many creatures big and small that depend on humans to not destroy everything!

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  3. I LOVE this video. Your media making skills have really developed. I enjoy how you included the audio with everyone’s reactions and comments. This video transported me back to our day on the coast. I was so proud of how you explored the tidepools, overcoming your fears 🙂


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