The first video was created in the beginning of the school year back in 2016 (so long ago) and was my first time ever creating a video with Wondershare Filmora! The task was to create a video about me, why I took this course and a few other questions. Next, I wrote an end of the year reflection (read it and compare it with the  1st Semester Final Review! ) and at the end of this page is a video giving advice to the future AP BIO Rockstars!


End of the year reflection

Creating this site was a little daunting. I had no clue what the plan was or how I was going to be tech savvy enough to have my own blog. My mom had previously run a fashion blog so I knew that this would be no easy feat. However, this experience has been AMAZING! I love being able to look back at my posts and recall all the hard work we have put into this year. From my first post, The Zika Virus and Why You should care to a partner project with Gina Pharmaceutical Products Presentation! (which was awesome because we linked a google slides presentation into our blogs!!!!) to one of my last posts Let’s Talk About Biases, my site has grown so much. As you travel through my site, I feel as though you are traveling through my ap biology journey. My understanding of the biology, my writing, and technology grow through each post. Heck, if you watch every video I have ever created (even just these two on this page) you will see my growth. I am very proud of this site, and even more so proud of my classmate’s sites. We have all came very far this year, and that is evident on our blogs. Next year I will be attending Howard University in Washington DC. as a biology major chemistry minor. Thinking about it now I am so excited I could cry. AP Biology has been a journey. There were times

AP Biology has been a journey. There were times where I felt so proud of myself I could shout from the mountain tops. There were also times I was so down in the dumps that I wanted to cry or drop the class, or both. AP Biology challenged me in ways I have never been challenged before. I had always felt pretty confident in my classes and this is the first class that has ever made me question my worth and ability as a student. But I am much stronger because of it. I have learned so much not just about biology, but about myself as well. And I will most definitely remember these growths and challenges as I head off to college. Mrs. Girard has been a dream. She is an amazing teacher, and if anyone reading this is a future/current/past student of hers, understand how lucky you are to have experienced or get to experience her light.


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  1. Great message for the next class – and for you to follow when you go to college – especially not studying in the middle of the night – like you currently do!

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  2. Reflection: What an interesting AP BIO class. I liked the combination of text, pictures and video that kept your blog engaging. There were a number of hot topics that you reported on – the Henrietta Lacks story to animal testing to Zika. Biology has a connection to everything that we do – from our drinking water to our hormones as you have noted along the way. Lastly, I loved the excitement that you had while completing these homework assignments.

    (PS-Mrs Girard – Great concept and keep up the good work!)

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  3. This an amazing video. I cannot tell you how many times going through AP Bio I was faced with the challenge of studying for a test last minute. It took me half the year to finally break that habit. I would have loved a video like this before taking the class to help with that problem, as well as the other tips you gave.

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  4. Reflection: Quinlyn! This site is amazing, it documents your journey through this class excellently. We really get to see you grow and develop as a writer and in other skills, especially your videos! I loved that your first video and one of your last videos are both right here on the home page because they are so different! One of my favorite posts was definitely the Henrietta Lacks blog post because this is an important piece of history that you documented well. Congrats on making it through ap bio!

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  5. Reflection: After looking through all of your posts, I have picked my three favorites! Confirmation Bias, This was done very well. It would be a great blog for most people to read. I find that the majority of folks that I have conversations with have some very uninformed beliefs. Animal testing doesn’t normally pop up in everyday chats. I believe that we must always look at the big picture when weighing actions we take to create products. If the products are being created to save or reduce suffering in humans I’m on board with that, however doing this testing for beauty products is unacceptable. Thank you for your great work love dad.

    Save The Bay, Very interesting I’ve spent sometime doing conservation the bay, but hadn’t given much thought to taking care of the bay. I was surprised to find the different changes in the soil content in a very small area.
    I think we should all recognize that we live in a very fragile environment where each and every creature provides some level of support the rest the life forms surrounding them. If they start to disappear so will more of the other life forms eventually humans will be threatened. Super job.

    Wolbachia Lab, Wow, Never heard of this bacteria. I am amazed at the level of research you put into this lab. I never got to experiment with such sophistication and equipment. Go tackle the world darling.

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  6. Loved viewing the world though Quinlyn’s lens. Everything is way more fun the way – there’s happiness, candor, opinion, and a wonderful thirst for knowledge, The world is waiting, Quinlyn – go and get it!

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  7. Quinlyn, You have been a light in my life this year! Seriously…in the face of challenge after challenge, you picked yourself up, looked at me with a smile, pushed forward, and YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED! Love that you included “do not do homework in the middle of the night” in your tips. My fave tip was “don’t compare”. That is the first time someone has shared that tip. Everyone learns and processes differently! I am inspired by your focus and dedication. Each year I become a better teacher because of my students and you have taught me so many important lessons. You showed me by example how to be a cheerleader. Your excitement for learning was evident each time I would see your eyes light up with understanding. The Howard community will be blessed by your presence, they just don’t know it yet. Enjoy the new adventures and don’t forget the lessons of this year. Together we are stronger! Find me on all the socials so I can learn more about your adventures in college and beyond!


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