AP Biology Exam

Well in today’s post I will be reflecting on my AP Biology Exam, or rather… the part of it I took. I could not make the original AP Biology exam that the rest of the class took because I was on an airplane ride home from Louisville, Kentucky. Therefore I was scheduled to take my exam on Friday the 19th! However… things did not go as planned.


I went in that morning bright and early and sat in Ms. Cerles office. She read me all the instructions, and just as I was about to begin, I noticed that the front page said that if the test was being administered to me anytime before 12 pm, to immediately stop. Being that it was 8 am, I questioned this. Ms. Cerles called Mrs. Cunha who said all should be fine and I went ahead with my test. As I am on one of the last questions and over an hour has passed, Mrs. Cunha bursts in the room talking on the phone needing my student ID immediately saying that I must stop the exam. She later comes back to tell me that she was speaking to college board and they said that my exam needed to be canceled since I was taking it at the wrong time and that I would have to reschedule. I also needed to write a hand written note saying I would not speak about the testing material. Then, I went back to AP Bio class.

I am not upset at all. To be quite honest, I did not expect to pass the AP Biology exam in the first place, and I wasn’t too keen on taking it in the first place. Sure, I am slightly annoyed that now I have to go through another multiple choice section of AP Bio (because to be honest, I dozed off a couple of times during the test) but in the scheme of things, its whatever. I am not upset with Mrs. Cunha or Ms. Cerles because it was an honest mistake! Now I have more time to study, if I so choose to do so. The part of the test I did take was not at all as hard as I expected it to be! But I am not getting my hopes up. I am taking my new test this friday so let’s hope I do well!


5 thoughts on “AP Biology Exam

  1. Hey Quinlyn! Oftentimes, these things seem harder than they actually are. I remember regretting not taking the AP Spanish or Chemistry exams. I would’ve scored pretty high on both, but I assumed they’d be as hard as the tests I was taking in high school. They definitely were not. I could’ve saved myself a lot of trouble by taking that AP Spanish – the process to pass out of Spanish in college was either a 5 on the AP exam or a rigorous series of in-person tests. Soooo, make sure you reschedule it and go for it!

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  2. Quinlyn, Don’t give up now! I have no doubt you can pass this test. I have seen you work so hard this year and you have learned so much content. You already took one multiple choice and experienced that you are prepared for success. So grab this chance to do your best. Good Effort!

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