Never Give up!

A dream that I have is to be successful and educated in the future, while working in a prestigious career, one I have not determined yet. At times I have doubted whether or not I have the endurance to continuously work hard and be dedicated to my field, and wonder if the busy and very important life of a stay at home mom would be better suited for me. But some of Diana’s encouraging quotes really stuck with me, one is as follows.

“How much life is there left?… What are we going to do? What are we going to do as we go forward to have no regrets looking back?”

I know that when I look back on my life, I want to be able to say that I was a powerful career woman. I do not think I would regret raising my family, but I would regret not seeing how far in life I could go if I worked towards a goal. Another quote of hers I really enjoyed was…

You have a dream and you have obstacles in front of you, as we all do. None of us ever get through this life without heartache, without turmoil,and if you believe and you have faith and you can get knocked down and get back up again and you believe in perseverance as a great human quality, you find your way”

I like this quote because the words remind me that every successful person I look up to has struggled at least once to get to their current spot, therefore I am encouraged to get back up when I am knocked down. I once heard that what makes great people great is not their talent alone, but their ability to get back up.

The last quote I enjoyed was…

when you reach for the horizon, as I’ve proven, you may not get there, but what a tremendous build of character and spirit that you lay down”

This last quote reminds me that sometimes you do not reach your goal, but at least you tried! We often invalidate the whole journey if we do not make it to the destination, but that is nuts! Even attempting to reach for your dream is an accomplishment within itself, so even if I do not make it to the horizon, I will be proud of myself for trying.

I highly recommend watching Diana Nyad’s TedTalk if you have any free time! The video is a little over 15 minutes of pure encouragement. Diana Nyad’s Ted Talk



6 thoughts on “Never Give up!

  1. I really like how you included quotes from Diana’s speech and made them into drop quotes because it’s a lot more engaging for the reader to see something other than plain text and multiple paragraphs. I’m really into visually appealing and engaging things so this aspect of your post is really important to me. I’m looking for ways to spice up my posts and this is definitely something I want to do. It’s what separates your post from any random ramble, for lack of a better word, about perseverance and determination. I also like how you based your writing around the quotes. It’s very well organized!

    Just wondering in the first paragraph, who is Rachel? Do you mean Diana?

    Otherwise, good work!

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  2. Quinlyn, I agree with Michelle. Your use of quotes was really engaging and enhanced your message in your post. I know without a doubt that not only do you have the desire to work towards your dream of an amazing career, you have the ability, fortitude, work ethic, and intelligence. I can’t wait to see how far you go!

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  3. I loved reading this post, we all have dreams that we have to chase. Our human nature is to have goals to strive for. It is the reason we dream as children and work our butts off in school because we envision a life ahead of us. Those quotes perfectly embody this spirit that I see is in you. I cannot wait to see how far you go.

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