BTC Adrenaline, Hormones and Your Body

This season, the 2016 AP Bio class created Breakthrough Junior Challenge videos ( in an attempt to not only become experts on exciting topics, but to compete for a chance to be recognized for our work! My video is on adrenaline, because I notice it’s effects so much in my day to day life. Sometimes, the effects are small. Like when I have a performance or competition for cheer and I notice my hands are shaking and my heart is beating out of my chest. Or sometimes the effects are bigger like when a highway police officer is hidden on the road as I am racing to get home and for a second I think I am about to be dragged away to prison for life!!! It happens to all of us. We shake, our hearts race, our breath escapes us, once I even got an immediate headache! But why does this happen? How does our body do this? What are our cells doing? Well watch my video and you will find out.



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