Herpes Infographic

Gina and I had the opportunity to research and create an infographic for herpes! Check out our work, you might be surprised what you find out! Let me know what you think. 🙂

Herpes Infographic


6 thoughts on “Herpes Infographic

  1. Super interesting that so many people do not realize they have the herpes virus – 1 in 5 have it yet 90% don’t know! That’s scary. Be careful who you kiss.

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  2. Quinlyn, The information for herpes is clear and informative. The infographic is a bit text heavy. Should choose more visuals to present the information. Excellent subject knowledge demonstrated during the presentation! Nice work!
    Why can’t you embed the Venngage? Do you have to pay? There must be a creative way to embed the visual.

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