Citizen Science

Watch my video reflecting on Citizen Science!


5 thoughts on “Citizen Science

  1. We can all be citizen’s of science, if we get more curious. I like how you girls literally “got your hands dirty” as you experimented for class.

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  2. Hey Quinlyn! I heard about this myself recently — where the point is to add to mountains of data of observing actual nature (so, er, that kicked out my idea of observations at the the California Science Academy, whoops!): are you thinking of getting a group together to actually do this?

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  3. Dear Quinlyn, great video. Very informative and engaging for even non scientists. We can all do a little and that can add up to a lot! Good luck as you enter the next step in your education adventure!

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  4. Your media making skills are really developing. The soundtrack is upbeat and engaging. More specifics regarding what citizen science is and what we did would enhance your message. Excellent choice to include visuals that showed students in action!


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