Meiosis in Motion

Meiosis goes a little something like this. The process starts with Interphase, which happens before Meiosis even begins. In interphase, the cell grows, copies all of its chromosomes, and then prepares for division. Following this, Prophase 1 begins and the chromosomes condense as well as the nuclear envelope breaks down. Also in this phase, crossing over occurs! After condensing, the chromosomes pair up and each chromosome aligns with its homologue partner so that the two match up at corresponding positions along their full length so they can share part of their DNA. Next comes Metaphase 1 where the pairs of homologous chromosomes move to the equator of the cell. Then during Anaphase 1, the homologous chromosomes move to opposite poles of the same cell. In the end of Meiosis 1, the chromosomes gather at the poles of the cells and the cytoplasm divides. That phase is known as Telophase and cytokinesis. Next comes Prophase 2, where a new spindle forms around the chromosomes. Following the same pattern comes Metaphase 2, the chromosomes line up at the equator. In Anaphase 2, the centromeres divide and the chromatids move to the opposite poles of the cells. Lastly, in Telophase 2 and Cytokinesis, a nuclear envelope forms around each set of chromosomes and the cytoplasm divides leaving 4 daughter cells.

I worked with Veronica and our process went pretty smoothly. Our school work time did not go as perfectly as we had hoped, being that we had to rerecord a lot of our data which set us back time wise. Luckily we were able to finish 90% of our recording at school and then we met at Veronica’s house on Sunday to finish up and put everything together. I think making a video really helped us to fully understand Meiosis because comparing our knowledge before and after the video, we have grown immensely.



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