Face the Future

In the Game of Empathy, our class was able to interact with people around the world and share our thoughts, both positive and negative. This game was based off the idea that one day in the future, humans will have access to wearable devices that enable you to feel the emotions of those who are connected to you either privately or publicly. We were able to build on the thoughts of those also posting online who were reflecting on the different aspects of this device. For example, a positive imagination could include being able to to feel one’s child throughout the day so that if the child were in distress, the parent would know immediately and would not have to wait to be contacted by the school. Conversely, a shadow imagination includes how someone can easily project their negative emotions onto another person, possibly so much so that the person being attacked would not be able to remove the gear. Many cards were played throughout the day, and overall, many valid points were brought up.

Graphs connecting branching ideas were massive as many people interacted with each thought and added their own questions and ideas. The example below shows how each graph starts with one idea, and then continuously grows. Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 4.58.46 PM.png

Personally, I thought interacting with people from all over regarding the same topics  was an amazing opportunity. If this device were to actually be created, I am not sure if I would partake in the activity publicly, maybe just with my immediate family. I deeply enjoy my private emotions, yet would love to be able to feel those around me.


2 thoughts on “Face the Future

  1. I can personally say that as much as it may help to know how your loved ones are feeling, I do not believe it would be best for me to feel them. I believe it is difficult enough to deal with one’s emotions honestly, I think how human capacity limits us from handing other’s as well. However, this type of technology would be an incredible advancement.

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