BTC and Cell Signaling Round Up!


This week we did a lot of fun activities! On Tuesday, we watched all of our classmates Junior BTC videos! As a class, we gained new information on a wide variety of topics. From Gina’s we learned about the ways in which the human body reacts to a virus & three ways a pathogenic microbe can be spread. Lindsay’s taught us about Sickle Cell Disease and all of the aspects of Heme and Hemoglobin. Alexa’s video was all about how love affects us on a biological level, which was amazing to learn because we see love in families, movies, media and our own lives and now we know how it works!

Taylor created a PSA teaching us about why sleep is so important to the human body, especially teenagers like us. Her video suggested we start school at a later time, and was supported by data and by her fellow classmates! In contrast, Veronica’s video was about how caffeine enables you to stay awake. From Keira we were taught the dangers of smoking and how cigarettes affect our DNA. Similar to Keira’s, the video created by Michelle gave us information on how drugs affect our bodies and neurotransmitters. In the next video by Anni, laughter and the biological and evolutionary aspects involved in this reaction were explained. Kyla’s video covered the myths and causes of sleep walking, which many girls in the class realized either they, or someone they knew, had experienced. Helen’s video made us aware of the differences between brown and blue eyes, using the eyes of her own classmates, making the video all the more interesting! Natalie educated the class on pain and aspirin, and my video was all about adrenaline, hormones and our bodies! Many of these videos were connected, and a large connection was cell signaling, bridging great to our new season!

In season 6, cell signaling is huge! Our mastering biology homework covered this topic, but so did our class work. Titled, “My dog is broken: A Case Study in Cell Signaling,”this game had us break into 3 groups and prove our understanding of messengers, signal transduction pathways, receptors, ligands and all of the aspects involved in cell signaling! Thursday, we ended class understanding mitosis on the interactive computers available at our school.


This blog post only covers four days, but those days were jam packed and I cannot wait to see where next week takes us!



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