1st Semester Final Review

Coming into AP Bio I was absolutely terrified. I was very concerned about how I was going to maintain a solid grade, keep up with the workload, and remain in love with the subject. While these are still very big concerns of mine, I have learned how to manage them! With the help of Mrs. Girard, my fellow classmates, hard work and some faith in God, I can gladly say I accomplished all three of these tasks!

I faced struggles with maintaining a solid grade, but I also had to come face to face with the acceptance that a B is not an awful grade. A “B” means I tried my hardest, need to learn from my mistakes and come back better next semester! B stands for better in my book and I cannot wait to prove that I can make this happen. Tied in with my grades was my struggle with remaining in love with the subject. Often, I would find that every time I did not perform as well as I would have liked on a test, I would get very down in the dumps and lose all faith thus making me not perform well on other work. An endless cycle of me bringing myself down. However, whenever we have presentations I always feel really confident because I am able to showcase that I do understand the information even if I do not portray it well over tests.

The work was not truly awful for me, just because Mrs. Girard never overloads us. The only times I would get worried was when I would procrastinate but that is what I get for doing that to myself! I enjoyed our work and never really felt like we were doing busy work! My favorite projects were the ones that involved me making a video because even though they are really hard to make, I always feel so proud after!

Speaking of videos, I have learned so many new technology skills I get so excited to showcase them! Like this blog! Creating a website to showcase all of our hard work in a fun and interactive way has been super cool and I can’t wait to continue!

All in all, yes I was rightfully nervous. This class is not a joke, I have to work very very hard, but that makes me appreciate everything in the end. I am so proud of everyone in this class and how far we have all come! I am forever amazed at the talent and intelligence of all these young women.


4 thoughts on “1st Semester Final Review

  1. You have some great insights here, Quinlyn. Most of the time, our most important work will be the most challenging and at times the most frustrating thing we undertake. B does stand for better; commit to your own growth and effort, instead of the end goal (like an A), and the sky’s the limit for you!

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  2. Teachers make an important difference. Challenging you to be your very best is a life lesson that you will heed over and over again. Hard work really does payoff.

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  3. Quinlyn, This reflection is very personal and I can hear your voice as I read it. You impress me daily with your work ethic and energy. I know you have faced many challenges and I am so very proud of your fortitude. You really shine when you create videos and present in front of Team AP Bio. This site showcases your work and creativity. Remember that tests are only one form of assessment. You are developing new skills, communication, collaboration, critical thinking to name a few. I think B is for Booyah! You have succeeded time and time again. Do not set limits for yourself or think that what you have achieved is anything less than awesome 🙂

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