Ghost in Your Genes Movie Review

I absolutely loved watching this movie, for a multitude of reasons!

  1. The movie did a GREAT job of hooking the viewer through suspenseful music, flickering images and intriguing questions.
  2. Twins run in my family, therefore there is a possibility that I may have them!
  3. I adore genetics and more so love puzzles like why twins with the exact same genome differ in diseases and disorders!

Building off of number 3, learning about epigenetics has only increased my love for the overall topic of genetic sciences as a whole! In Ghost in Your Genes, the scientists revealed that an epigenome is defined as above the genome, but in layman’s terms…

The software that tells the computer, how, where, and how much to do.

Basically, twins can have the exact same genome, however their epigenetics will switch different traits on and off. For example, twins A & B have different epigenetics, which is how twin B can have autism while twin A does not. Scientists also did tests which showcased that one’s epigenome can change based upon the nurture of their mother as shown by rats. This only adds to the large biological question of nature vs. nurture.

The choices one makes in life, the events that happen to them, and the way they are raised all affect their epigenome. People who sufer from traumatic childhoods often showcase similar mental effects, as seen in many serial killers. Science can explain why some people murder multiple people while people raised in the same circumstances do not. Which is also why I loved this movie because I have always wondered what creates a serial killer.

The last thing the movie covered was how scientists in Sweden were able to connect the affects of famine on the grandparents to their children. If a grandpa was effected by famine in his early childhood, then his grandson should live for an extended period of time. However if a grandma was effected by famine while she was in the womb, then her granddaughter will most likely die early. Small differences in the lives of the grandparent can change the life of their following generations.

All of this new information completely boggles my mind! Your outside life can effect what traits are turned on and off for you? The lives of your previous generations can affect your life today? Twins can be 100% the same and yet 100% different? This movie was short, fun, and amazingly scientific! if you have the opportunity to watch then I certainly recommend!


3 thoughts on “Ghost in Your Genes Movie Review

  1. Genetics are so fascinating! I also was so surprised to find out the twins could have the same genome, but different diseases caused by differences in their epigenome. One thing that I really liked about your post was how at the end you concluded with questions. I felt like this was a really nice way to wrap up what you were saying because there are still so many questions that we are trying to answer about genetics. Really well written post and great information!

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  2. Firstly, I had never heard of an epigenome so this is such an amazing and informative post. The nature vs nurture topic has definitely been present and intriguing for awhile and this epigenome research only furthers it. As you said, it is crazy that your outside life can affects your traits!

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